Todays savvy homebuyer is looking for an attractive, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.  Radiant barrier technology has been in limited use since the 1800's, but with its widespread applications in space exploration, has now begun to emerge as a new standard in energy-efficient home design. 

The molecular structure of our 99.3% pure aluminum drastically reduces heat radiation into your home or building. Your summer attic or plenum area will be substantially cooler with SRI Radiant Barrier products. 

SRI products meet or exceed Department of Energy (D.O.E.) Radiant Barrier criteria.

Our goal is to supply the highest quality Radiant Barrier at the lowest price available anywhere, Guaranteed.

No Charge 8.5" x 11" sample and brochure with installation instructions and recommendation will be mailed same day Mon. - Fri. upon request.

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The technology you build with today pays off in comfort and energy savings for the life of your home.